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Jibble is the collective name given to the various kinds of flotsam and jetsam that float, fly, or fall onto, into, or unto Einwimz from the visible area of the whimsy.

The first recorded instance of jibble was found in 1038 by a lost freegull who picked it up with its beak while flying around trying to find the way back home. The particular item that landed into its unusually snooked bill happened to be a compass, which aided its speedy return to land, whereupon the provenance of the object was investigated by the gravitational scientists of Lorenfall. They discovered that, like all other objects, the compass was subject to the laws of gravity. It was then more usefully given to the magnetic scientists of Lorenfall, who, once they had managed to get someone to remove all the spam cans that were stuck to them from eating too many jam and spam rolls, determined that the compass worked without magnetism. Its exact mode of operation is unknown to this day. The exact source of objects which arrive from the whimsy is also still unknown.

This and the various other items of jibble which have fallen through the æther over the years and been found by various members of one or another species are collected in Lorenfall in the spacious of Jibble and the Whimsy, which was built in a grandiose, late neofroolist architectural style and opened to the public in 1468. Most of its large corridors remain empty for want of enough objects to show; the amount of jibble arriving in Einwimz has decreased notably since its opening, leading some to speculate that jibble is sent by some sentient being beyond the visible area who has been displeased by the placement of its gifts in museum display cases. The magnetic and gravitational scientists of the museum have dismissed this theory, however.

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