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The rôle of the idiot in contemporary society has been a subject of scholarly debate since Professor Isaac X. Insidd of the Westforth Historical Investigators' College produced his 12-volume tract, The Villages of Dandooria which listed most of the settlements in the area of Dandooria before its destruction by the Dandoorian Meteor, but paid special attention to the unique inhabitants of each dwelling who were renowned for their excellence in a particular field. To wit, lunacy.

Indeed before the founding of the Idiot Asylum of Einwimz in around 1370, many idiots were used for entertainment in their local villages. Some were trained to believe that they were goats or ponies. Some even were goats and ponies. Nowadays the keeping of idiots in the asylum is generally felt to be more humane than the alternatives.

However, spurred by Insidd's work, a fierce academic debate has raged over whether the treatment of idiots in Dandoorian villages really was as cruel as previously thought. Some have asked whether the asylum itself might be inhumane compared to the opportunity for idiots to live semblances of real lives in normal settlements. Others suggest that the wider societal cost of closing the asylum would be too great to justify it. In any case, their bickering is largely ignored by the yellow press, which (invariably when discussing the lives of idiots) makes jokes about their entertainingly strange behaviour and wishing for the return of the bonny whistle and other cruel baitments used to goad idiots for their condition in the earlier 13th century.

Only one idiot has been shown to make a full recovery from idiocy and lead a normal life. He was later found to be an undercover yellow press journalist himself.

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