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The icecano is a common geological feature of Einwimz whereby a subterranean vanilla ice cream topping called methluent comes violently to the surface. Unlike most similar eruptionary geological features—such as the smogcano, the cloudcano, and the ever popular goocano—the icecano has to be manually stimulated in order to erupt. Manual stimulation proceeds by ancient art of snoggadocio, a technique which is often colloquially referred to as frigid fumbling on a mountainous scale.

Though snoggadocio is a difficult process, most icecanos around Einwimz are being erupted at a reasonable frequency due to the utter usefulness of methluent as an eating and building material. The delicacy is particularly popular on top of the ice cream that most people add to a Jam and Spam Roll in summer. The pony can even survive solely on methluent, which attracts many a pony to the area of a recent icecano eruption.

Once an icecano has erupted, the methluent in the region stays unmelted for often days at a time, allowing local indigionaries to create methluent igloos. Strangely, these igloos cannot be seen by those with dorensaro denial. They tend instead to claim that the igloos are natural formations, even when confronted with evidence to the contrary by the local indigionary who made the igloo in the first place. The igloos are popular with holidaygoers, who ski and apres on the methluent slopes, and with pony catchers.

Mount Snobulence, the biggest icecano in all of Einwimz, was a mere ten clickin' miles south of the original city of Furyus. Since the Dandoorian Meteor affected the "geology, flora, fauna, and demographics of the region", you'd think that Mount Snobulence would have been caught up in the kerfuffle. You'd be wrong. It lost a little bit of its oomph, but it can still methluate like the best of 'em.

Though there have been many efforts to mine methluent from under the ground instead of through the traditional method of snoggadocio, all such efforts have failed. Usually the miners come back saying eloquent things about the rights of miners to congregate for the purposes of consuming fine beverages. Either methluent is ensconced deeper into the ground that one would naturally suppose, or it takes a different subterranean form than from its magnificent surface manifestation. In any case, a little bit of snoggadocio is fun to watch.

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