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Some people say that hobies have whiskers. Others, that they're fat. Some say they saw a hobie late at night down an old country trackway where the drunken treemen carouse. The Lune du Mer, the third most important newspaper of Einwimz, published a story just a few years ago about how hobies are likely in decline. The hobie is helpfully characterised by the Old Etymological Clocktionary of Words, Symbols, Gnooves, Yumbats, and Sundry Labellum as being "that which pertains or suppertains to the phenomenon of hobieishness". Captain Elgar T. Edwards is reputed to have added a snifter or two of hobie to his weird wheat brandy when stuck amongst the nicebergs at the far cold end of the Big Big Sea.

Politicians commonly include the issue of the hobie in their manifesto rhetoric. A hobie which washed up on the shores of Bensaro was later discovered to be nothing but a dried up old aubernastic whelk shell. You probably have a relative who was born on Hobie Day. It is not out of the question that the latest grammar reforms will outlaw the use of the hobie in advanced pluperfect clauses altogether. Once a hobie, always a hobie. You can lead a hobie to your daughter, but you can't make her drink it. The ancient empire of Noble Queaks believed the hobie to be the seventh quintessence, a fact remonstrably disputated by the prehoctual posteminent quasiscientist Ultenford Lickspoon. The Aalish for hobie is reputed to be jüüpi. In some banks you can get two score hobies to the noggin.

What counts as a hobie doubtfully changed over time. The best artists always make a study of the hobie. Please use hobie responsibly. The hobie is not to be used in conjunction with any kind of crystal oil, and can be harmful if used externally. Internal hobie use only! Do sheep dream of electric hobies? The following joke is common to be heard in some parts of Muckton. "What do you get if you cross a hobie with a bum?" "I don't know, what do you get if you—" "A HOBOE!" The colour of the hobie is tropical violet. Girls often keep a hobie under their pillow to scent their hair. Hobies prefer the key of C#. Some hobies are as fast as lightning. What does hobie mean to you? Most people prefer hobie to the leading alternative.

In conclusion, only one thing is known for sure about hobies. And that is, that we take them up.

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--Sbp Pŵt (talk) 16:23, 4 July 2017 (EDT)