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Harvey Klaus Redomisal was the chief baker to the king of Berule, most well-known for his invention of the Jam and Spam Roll which was famously served to guests at the misnamed 'Feast Celebrating the King's Two-Hundred and Sixteenth Birthday'[1]. Since then it has become a treasured article of Einwimzian cuisine.

Born to a humble family of village bread-makers in 1340, Redomisal strove to exceed his parents' expectations and was constantly wasting valuable flour on baking experiments which often produced tasteless 'cakes' and other items which lacked a vital ingredient to really have any real flavour to them. By the time he was 20, however, Redomisal finally discovered sugar and it was this ingredient that enabled him to dazzle the Berulean king in 1366 with his presentation of a box of pony biscuits made according to his own recipe[2]. The king, it is said, hired him on the spot.

Redomisal's skill at creating sweet pastries was unmatched, and it was all the more tragic when, while working late at night to perfect his latest recipe, he licked his hands clean of jam that turned out to be poisonous. He was found dead at the tender age of 32 by the other royal kitchen staff the next morning. A tragic end to a delicious life.

NB: The name Harvey Klaus Redomisal was also shared by his twin brother, who among other things was president of the Andarvian Brotherhood for a while.

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David P. Kendal (talk) 09:21, 26 June 2017 (EDT)

  1. In actual fact, the king had no birthday to celebrate and was nowhere near 216 years old. Most of the food served, except the Jam and Spam Roll, turned out to be inedible, so it was also not really a feast.
  2. They were neither intended for, nor made of, nor shaped like ponies, so this choice of name was quite curious.