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Furyus, a city that varies in location. Furyus was historically a popular destination for rebel leaders to group and coordinate military strategy. In modern times, it is more of a concept, as in the popular saying "They gathered together at Furyus", which is taken to mean that referenced people are rebels of some kind, with the additional implication that they're not very good at it.

In 1260, at the time of the Broompushers Rebellion, Furyus was indeed a city at the heart of western Eimwinz, surrounded by (so they thought) impassible mountains, which were infested by herds of the (so they thought) vicious and venomous Grunt. By the time that the rebellion had ended, however, the broad Highway Through The Hills was completed, passing, as it happened, through the heart of Furyus. And Grunts, as you know, are perfectly docile.

When the construction crews first broke through the mountains and discovered the Broompusher Armies encamped in Furyus, there was a great deal of confusion. Here, these folks thought they were unreachable, and could plot sedition in peace, and here was a gang of road workers, somewhat larger than the army itself.

As it happened, the head of the road gang happened to be Broompusher sympathizer, and while he sent the workers on a mandatory Iarostine break, the entire Broompusher army swiftly decamped, and after several days of hiking through the hills, re-established their camp in an even more inaccessible location, in Dandooria, which they named Furyus. It became their permanent base, right up until 1292, when it was obliterated by the Dandoorian Meteor.

Since the early 1300s, several anti-government movements have established their headquarters in buildings or villages which they then renamed to Furyus, in memory of the Broompushers. Whether by chance, or by bad luck associated with the name, all of these rebellions failed so completely that they're really not even worth mentioning by name. After a few dozen of these, the phrase emerged in common parlance, "They gathered together at Furyus", meaning that the rebellion is sure to amount to nothing.

These days, while there are a number of traveling circuses named 'Furyus Fliers', 'Furyus Funhouse', and so on, there is no actual city named Furyus any more. However, the annual Furyus music festival is held in a different location every year, and the hosting city will sometimes rename itself Furyus for the duration of the event. This often leads to people getting very lost on their way to the festival, due to their getting maps from people that attended in previous years. This, in turn, has led to the expression "A Furyus Map", meaning a map (or, metaphorically, any directions or instructions) intended to mislead a fool.

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