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The Freegull, also known as the Common Blue-footed Freegull (Sternidae Nebouxii), is a large bird originating in the Bensaro region.

Snorphology and Size

The Freegull is easily spotted by its large size, brown wings and big blue feet, capable of carrying a human and, in some cases, a pony.

Freegulls range in size from around 75 cm and 7.50 kg to 218 cm and 75 kg. They are generally uniform (though scruffy) in shape, with heavy bodies, long wings, and moderately large webbed feet. The tails are wedge-shaped and protrude from the back of the wings. Unlike other gulls, which have moderately long legs (certainly longer than the ferns), the Freegulls have relatively shorter legs when compared with the enormous size of their feet. This makes them excellent carriers, as one can sit on a foot (or two) while the Freegull flies...somewhere. The bill is generally heavy and slightly snooked, with a reddish brown colour, often akin to copper on a sunny day.

The freegulls are vegan feeders, indeed they are the most specialised and annoying of all the seabirds when it comes to making everyone aware that they are in fact vegan birds, and their morphology allows for equal adeptness in swimming, flying, and walking. They are more adept walking on land than most other seabirds. The walking gait of gulls includes a slight side to side waddling motion, something that can be exaggerated in breeding displays. In the air, they are able to hover (muse) and they are also able to take off quickly with little space.

The general pattern of plumage in adult freegulls is a white body with a darker brown mantle. Their eyes are often yellow, although some Freegulls have been seen sporting blue contact lenses.

Geographic distribution and habitats

A common blue-footed Freegull resting it's weary webbies near a Spinewood tree.

Freegulls are most frequently observed near the coastal lines, but also in great numbers near Dorensaro (although some would have us believe that is not the case). Freegulls live in nests made from twigs and spinewood trunks, often lined with old rags and feathers.

Behaviour (mostly annoying)

As freegulls are exclusively vegan, they will spare no detail telling everyone (in Gullish) that they are vegan. While this feature is annoying, they make up for it by being good listeners and genuinely interested in hearing the stories of any traveller they may pick up for a bit of hovering across some cliffs or to the base of a mountain. Freegulls are generally said to be very susceptible to people praising them for having very handsome blue feet. Indeed, most travel guides on Bensaro recommend you praise a Freegul's feet, often uttering "I bet you're a vegan, what shiny blue feet you have".

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