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The Colourbeards, also known as the Noofing Navals, is a group of Pirates in the Big Big Sea known especially for their colourful beards and the production and distribution of Colour Rum, a special rum made solely by the Colourbeards and aged using the Sistema Armada method. The Colourbeards date back to 917 and the first production of Colour Rum started in 950 after a supply of Einwimzian Rum ran out.

Colour Rum

By existing order of the Prime Magnate, Colour Rum is a protected brand only applicable to rum produced by the Colourbeards using Sistema Armada.

Colour Rum must contain between 40 and 65% alcohol by volume.


Colour rum bottles are easily spotted by the blue glass used

Colour Rum is easily recognized by its mellow taste and incredible bouquet, as well as the obligatory reddish brown color, akin to palisander oil.

Sistema Armada Aging Process

Unlike regular Einwimzian rum, the Colour Rum is stored and aged on ships, hence the name Sistema Armada (system of ships). A rum must not be moved from a ship unless the ship has been damaged in battle or sunk. Typically, specially designed rum ships have been created to carry and age the Colour Rum, with reinforced hulls to prevent damage (and thus a lower ATB classification) and Seastones to mitigate the effects of passing the Equilibrium Equator.

As with traditional rum, all Colour Rum must be aged in casks made from Oak, Snorg or Spinewood.

ATB classification

The ATB classification, or Age-Trips-Battles, denotes the quality and rarity of the ColourRum:

Age is the average age of the rum in years (according to Sistema Armada, the rum may be loaded to a new ship if the previous one sank or was damaged in battle)

Trips is the total number of trips across the Equilibrium Equator, where the shift in gravitational waves causes the rum to age at different rates. A trip cannot occur more than once every two years. For a rum to be classified as D'Equatore Especial, it must have made at least 10 trips across the Einwimz equatorial line, and thus have a minimum age of 20 years.

Battles is the total number of naval battles a rum has survived. As this can cause significant losses of rum, the more battles a rum has encountered, the rarer it is. Rules dictate, that if a battle is lost or if a rum has to be moved to a new ship (either the original owner or the ship that captures it), the battle must only count as half a battle, thus it is common to see rums with 1.5, 3.5 or 4.5 battles .

The ATB classification is denoted as A-B-T, thus a 10 year rum with 3 round trips and 1 battle would be denoted as 10-3-1. As logic would have it, the numbers are almost always in descending order, although some rums such as the D'Equatore Especial have been known to have been denoted 40-15-20 due to the rarity of the rum, and thus the interest in capturing it.