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The Cariolises are an ancient and well respected family of the Southern Climes of Einwimz, where temperatures rarely drop low enough for the inhabitants to bother with clothing. They are best known for their deep interest in, study of, and contributions to the understanding of the Noofic Extrapolatory Sense (NES), wherein the observer of a conversation, piece of art, landscape, or any other observed object or experience perceives the various implications which may (or may not) exist within the context.

The Cariolis Women


The Cariolis Women are believed to be very strong in NES, and are also held to be the most beautiful in all of Einwimz. Despite their physical allure, Einwimzian men tend to avoid the Cariolis Women, fearing their NES. For this reason, the Cariolis Family has long had a difficult time finding suitable husbands for their young women, going so far as to send their daughters to live with other families under assumed surnames when they have reached the Age of Nubility, in an effort to hide what may be perceived as an unmarriageable trait. Many a young man has found himself on his Love Month with his beautiful new bride who suddenly questions his intentions after he orders fish instead of steak for dinner, or expresses his preference for strudel instead of mandrake pie.

Occasionally, a Cariolis bride is able to suppress her NES long enough to enjoy newly wedded bliss. In the end, however, the sense always asserts itself, and her bewildered husband is caught unawares when his wife runs crying from the room after he squeezes toothpaste from the middle.

Cariolis Communes

Some of the Cariolis Women eschew their families' deceptive marital practices for a life embracing NES. Several have started NES Communes for practitioners. There are at least three such well known communes in the Southern Climes alone. Well known as they are, their locations are a subject of speculation, as are their names. NES practitioners hold that, if you really want to find them, you'll know where to look.

Throughout Einwimzian history, women have sought out the Cariolis Women for the very same reasons men avoid them. Their ability to parse the simplest of conversations into a series of complex intentions, malicious or benevolent, is highly valued by many, even some men. The Cariolis Women offer counsel, companionship, and training seminars for women (and men) who seek to better understand what all things *really mean*, not just what they *say*.

The Cariolis Men

The men of the Cariolis family enjoy a place in society that their women do not. While the Cariolis Men are not as strong in NES as the Women, they are sought after by the women of Einwimz because they are perceived to be understanding, kind, and deep thinkers. It is said that a Cariolis Man knows what you are thinking before you say it. The power of suggestion is such that this usually pans out as truth.

The Cariolis Effect

In Politics, Law, And Other Disciplines

Given the Cariolis tendency toward NES, the Cariolises tend to be intimidating political figures, lawyers, even law enforcement officers. Their ability to extrapolate the dire consequences of their oppositions' arguments and positions, the implications of an unwitting client's neuroses, or the hidden agendas and false alibis in an interrogation room has had a profound impact on legislation, societal norms, and psychological theories in the whole of Einwimz. It is said that the legal team of Marcus Cariolis and his sister, Gertrude, once dismantled the entire defense of the Prime Minister of the Eastern Waste with only one question, repeated, on record, 87 times: "What do you mean by that?"

In Society And The Media

The family's reputation is one of wisdom, if not restraint. They are held somewhat in awe, which is to say, at times, fear. One never knows how an innocuous comment made over hors d'oeuvres at a high society function may be construed the next day by a Cariolis reporter. The phrase "Be careful, there's a Cariolis in the room," has come to mean, "Watch what you say," or "Ixne on the alkte."

In The Arts

Nowhere do the members of the Cariolis Family shine brighter and more honestly than in the arts. Vincent Cariolis Von Gag, who traces his lineage to the very earliest of Cariolis Family history, is best known for his enormous landscapes which often include swirling vortices in garish colors, faces in trees, bodies in landscapes. In a rare, much talked about interview with Polly Einwick, she asked him what it all means. His answer has become his trademark, which he includes on each painting in his signature, ironically: "I simply paint what I see."

His second cousin, twice removed on his mother's side, Canelias Cariolis Cark, is known for the only piece she ever painted, The Flaming Carrot. The painting is said to leave so much to the imagination that it has driven men mad with speculation.

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