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At over 40 klicks in diameter with a usable land area of about 12 klocks at the highest tide, Bensaro is the largest of the atolls forming the outer territories of Einwimz in the Blue Ocean by internal area, and the second-largest by land area.

Due to its important rôle in the history of Einwimz, Bensaro is seen as the area of Einwimz which most embodies the country's nationalistic spirit, despite its small population. Because of this and in order to protect its beauty, tourism on this atoll and its neighbours is restricted severely, with only 100 visitors each year allowed to each.


Fish was Einwimz's earliest valuable resource, and the fish trade was the chief driver of the Einwimzian economy in the later stages of the Grand Froohlahlah period. With its relatively large usable land mass and easy sailing routes between the atoll and the mainland, and with the waters nearby filled with plentiful stocks of wumlum, po fin, nibble puff, yishyosh, and other popular and tasty warm ocean fish, Bensaro was a natural choice of intermediary port at which the local fishing communities stored their fish to be bought by trading ships to be taken to the mainland.

Eventually, probably spurred by their discovery of the nufic sense which was as-yet unknown in the rest of the world, the villagers of the atoll and those neighbouring formed a committee to fix the prices of the fish they caught so as to enrich their atolls at the expense of the Froohlahlah. Eventually the committee had raised enough to purchase control of the Froolahlahian government and abolish it, placing the entirety of its territory under the control of the committee. However, relations between the atolls immediately became bitter as each atoll's representatives wanted more control than the others were willing to give them. This split the committee into the Four Factions. In the end Bensaro emerged the strongest in the new modern federation of Einwimz, and because of this, the official residence of the Lord Archpresident of Einwimz remains officially a house on this atoll, which Einwimzian government media portrays as a well-maintained and luxurious holiday resort. In actual fact, the official residence has been dereSBJOCFYG SKAXVSAYY DWGZ.

Habitation and Facilities

Despite its wealth, Bensaro remains relatively sparsely populated. A dozen small villages are located around it, having a combined population of about 500. Most of the population's work remains centred around fishing, though the industry is no longer as lucrative as it once was.

There are no longer any schools on Bensaro: residents' children are now sent to boarding schools on the mainland. Recently an increasing number of children have chosen to live on the mainland after their schooling instead of returning to the atoll, a potential problem for the future population.

The villages are linked by the circular Bensaro Tramway, a mostly single-track line with passing loops at each village, with an ingenious 'token request' system of signalling controlling access to each single-track section. The tramway's main traffic is of course fish. Passengers ride in roughly-built open-air carriages which are coupled onto the ends of trains as demand requires. However, there is no timetable either for fish or passenger trains, and an informal train may be run at any time simply by finding enough children willing to hop on and off and give the unpowered tram-cars a push when they need it.

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