Ballroom of Mirrors

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The Ballroom of Mirrors was purportedly the place where Tallis the Elder is said to have come up with the design for the Atlas of the World, among other designs and patents.


Not much is known about the location of the Ballroom of Mirrors, except that it was situated in a mansion close by Crass Crag, on Bensaro. Scholars and historians have tried to find the exact house in question, but none have been found containing a room as told by the stories passed down through the ages.


The room is said to have been 77 by 77 feet (approx 23 by 23 meters) and 77 7th feet tall (approx 3.3 meters), adorned with 77 mirrors on each side. The floor was covered in chequered marble tiles, 77 by 77 (1x1 feet each). The significance of the dimensions have been attributed to Tallis' love of his 7th Pony, born in 1177.


(Depiction of the Ballroom of Mirrors as drawn in Tallis' diary)

Inspirational Factors

The ballroom was said to have provided Tallis with the inspiration for his many designs and plans, through a method he described as "mental noofing", although the exact details of this were never published. It is believed that the method involved using the arbitrary dimensions of the room allowed for an insight into ideas that would otherwise be right outside the users grasp.

Use in Popular Culture

The phrase "I need a ballroom of mirrors to get this done" was since adopted to mean overcoming an impossible task or a facing writers block.