Armistice of Lorenfall

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The Armistice of Lorenfall, named so after the city in which it was held, took place in 1357 and brokered the truce between and later unification of the Four Factions of Einwimz into the current government, which was formally declared in 1362. While scholars can generally agree on the location of the armistice, there is - to this day - disputes over the exact role played by General Maximilian Ayre. Whereas western scholars claim he was solely responsible for drafting the charters of the truce, later sources claim this to have been chiefly the work of his footman, although precious little has been written about him.

Maximilian proceeded to be the first Prime Magnate of the new unified Einwimz government after its declaration in 1362, and held this position until the 1382 elections.

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