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The Andarvian Brotherhood is a charitable monastic order, known for a strong dedication to helping the poor, and for their large pony farms. There are many Andarvian communes scattered around Einwimz, each of which maintains a pony farm. The ponies are raised, trained, sold and rented out, and the proceeds all go to helping the poor of Einwimz. They also have many homes for orphan children, where every child has a pony for which they are responsible.

The Andarvian Brotherhood was founded by Theodore ("Theo") Andarvius, as one of the direct outcomes of the Broompushers Rebellion, and gained a great deal of momentum during the years of the administration of President Harvey Klaus Redonmisal, due to the harsh economic conditions endured by many during that time.

Andarvian communes may be found in great numbers in the extreme north of Einwimz, where climate conditions are ideal for Einwimzian ponies.


Founded in 1287, in the last days of the Broompushers Rebellion, by Theo Andarvius, the Andarvian Brotherhood was originally envisioned as way to help Broompushers, and their steeds, wounded during the rebellion. As events turned out, it was reimagined as way to help the thousands of people displaced, and subsequently homeless and destitute, when the Rebellion wound down to its horrible conclusion.

Over time, the Brotherhood became the primary source of care for the majority of the homeless and unemployed citizens of Einwimz.

In 1473, when the Government of Einwimz tried to take over operation of the Brotherhood, as part of a national series of social reforms, the outcry from the general population was such that the entire plan was abandoned, and more social services were, in fact, turned over to the Brotherhood. Due to this, there are some hospital, and in some rural areas, schools, which are run by the brotherhood, even to this day.

The Sisterhood, and Sisterhood Day

In the mid 1300's when the topic of equal rights was on everyone's mind, there was a briefly-lived Andarvian Sisterhood. It was set up to protest the sexist naming of the Brotherhood. However, most of the founding members eventually tired of the "playing with ponies", as one Sister said at the time, and the organization didn't last more than a few months. To this day, the Sisterhood is commemorated each year on Sisterhood Day, when the Brotherhood officially changes its name for the day, and celebrates with fireworks, parties, and free pony rides for their local communities.

The Brotherhood and Politics

Because the Brotherhood is always so active in their local communities, it is important for politicians to placate the Brotherhood. Thus, the plight of the poor has been a central issue in politics for many generations, and the Brotherhood has produced some of Einwimz's most famous politicians, including several presidents and at least two kings. (There is some debate as to whether King Tristan was actually a Brother.)

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