Abbey of Parapall

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Abbey of Parapall

The Abbey of Parapall is an ancient monastery in the far northern Holy Realm of Einwimz dedicated to the Gesticulant Tradition, and to the service of the Great Gesticulant. The Abbey is located on one of the twin peaks of Mount Seigh Mananwyfe, directly across from the Pantomime Priory, a sister clerical order residing on the opposite peak. The Abbey and the Priory rarely communicate effectively.


The Monks of Parapall meet daily in the valley below Mount Seigh Mananwyfe to receive the morning's gesticulations from the Abbot, which begin their daily Rites. There are extensive, though not strict, guidelines of egress, formation, and ingress to the monastery, and the rubrics of Gesticulant worship regularly lead to serious physical harm to its adherents when not followed.


The origins of The Rites of the Great Gesticulant are shrouded in antiquity. Many of the writings handed down from the Elder Gesticulants are difficult to decipher. The evidence is scant, but it is theorized that prior to the creation of the Rule of St. Wasyerprolym, many early worshippers suffered severe and multiple concussive injuries during their hourly Gesticulations, which they were, by Holy Writ, required to perform. Unfortunately, the decline of injuries of any kind would indicate a lack of fervor and dedication to the Rites of the Great Gesticulant. Monks who "lack faith" are often assigned close-quarters duties in the abbey with their more zealous brothers.

Sacred Tradition

The Abbey's mountain is home to a large, horned, docile animal known as a Grunt. Morning Gesticulations in the valley lead to the wounding of several grunts daily, which are then considered sacred and dedicated to the service of the Great Gesticulant. Monks with a true Grunt poultice as a result of the daily Rites are given a place of honor, standing (in close quarters, of course) at the ambo at the Vesperal Nuklsanwich with the Abbot. The service ends as the monks line up to receive a blessing in the form of a smaller, symbolic Grunt poultice from the Abbot, made from the day's sacred Grunts from the morning's Gesticulations, and to eat the Holy Feast of Crow. Meals are preceded by a prescribed litany, "qui me percusserit, benedixitque mihi."

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